Types Of Engagement Ring


Take Kristy Griggs, for example. After 11 years of marriage, she still receives flashbacks from her nightmarish experience of wedding planning.

Prospective newlyweds can be so busy making their special day perfect, things can get overwhelming. Fortunately, there is a solution!

By fully understanding all the options that are available to you, you can eliminate the stress of marriage decisions. For example, what kind of engagement ring should you get? This informative guide will tell you the main types of engagement rings to choose from.

Read on to find the perfect ring to seal your wedding!

Options for Traditional Engagement Rings

Why not go with a traditional type of engagement ring? A traditional style engagement ring is a timeless symbol of love, as it has existed for centuries.

These rings are often made of gold or other precious metal with a diamond in the middle. In some matter, the band can be set with more diamonds. You can usually find traditional styles online. Be sure to visit a secure website like theartofjewels.com before you make a purchase.

Types Of Emerald Engagement Rings

Then on our list of different types of engagement rings we have the emerald waist approach. This type of engagement ring has a small round center stone with additional stones on both sides.

Emerald cut rings are also sometimes called “trillion cut” rings because they have three layers. First there is the small central stone. Secondly, the side stones are in place. Thirdly, you have the outer layer of plaster, which sparkles and draws attention to the entire ring!

Trilogy Engagement Ring Options

Then you can choose an engagement ring with a 3-stone ring from our list of engagement ring options. These rings are often called “trilogy” rings because they have two side stones as well as a central stone.

Some even go so far as to use three different colored gems for the side pieces and the main stone. With different colors, the ring bearer can personalize his experience even more.

Engagement Ring Tiffany Option

What about a Tiffany frame for an engagement ring? Yes, these are another option. We recommend the original version of this ring type, as it has existed for so long.

A Tiffany decor is not only popular; it’s also very nice to look at! These rings tend to have a larger central stone surrounded by smaller diamonds.

Engagement Rings Marquise Cup

Finally, but not least, we also recommend to look into the Marquise Cup engagement rings. It is the diamond cuts that look like a tear on the side with sharp corners. The central stone is usually larger and hangs lower than other types of engagement rings, which makes this type of ring perfect for people who have a larger hand or long fingers.

Another advantage is that the marquise cup gives you plenty of room to play when designing your ring. It’s great for people who want something unique in their jewelry. Because this kind of diamond is also longer and narrower than other shape diamonds, light reflects it differently.

Looking at Different Types of Engagement Rings

After reading this article, what kind of ring do you think is right? Lean on a traditional approach, or will you spice things up with a series of trilogy? The choice is yours, but it is a decision that lasts a lifetime.

Sit back and create a list of your 3 favorite ring style options. You can use the different types of engagement rings in this article as inspiration. Before you know it, you will choose your favorite ring!

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