Engagement Ring Trends For Women

At present, all the world is realizing that a recent is not yet approaching love. And this certainly can not prevent commitments. With the designers of increasingly creative and the futures of increasingly specific in their demands, the latest trends in engagement rings are worth noting. Your ring reflect your personal style. The avant-garde two-stone ring or gemstone colors, get a glimpse of what’s selling right now.


Wedding Rings

In 2021, the design of rings has changed, and more and more women prefer accessories that are easy to disinfect. The new favorites are bold, have a maximalist stripe and are encrusted with diamonds. They give a shine that makes a sure fashion upgrade to a solid metal strip.

Blue Rings

While the yellow and pink stones in the rings have been hot for some time, the rings in 2021 are the embodiment of your idea into something blue. Whether it’s a rich royal blue or a sea-green gemstone, this trend gives the occasion a mermaid vibe. For those who want to share “It” with you during your special day, choose a course that expresses your style.

Vintage Rings

It was a year during which families, in fact, remain separated and eager to meet. At such moments, the desire to meet with the elders can cause nostalgia. When you are going to create your own world, try ideas inspired by ancient objects that connect ancient details with modern love stories.

Inspired by bygone eras, several fashionable women are thinking about vintage rings. This room has a magical atmosphere with hints of Art Deco or Victorian style.

The delicate details of filigree, milgrain and halos reveal a feeling unique to this shine. Such an engagement ring, demonstrating the quality of heritage, can never be mistaken in its eternal attractiveness and glamour.

Rings with two stones

This type of ring comes with two stones, and the French call it “Tu and Ya”. “thanks to the finished design of two stones sitting side by side, and the radiance in megawatts, the ring symbolizes the union of two souls. Although fashionable women in 2021 fell in love with this design, Napoleon Bonaparte gave Josephine de Beauharnais a diamond and sapphire ring in the 18th century.

Pear with a diamond waist

So, called a pendulum or teardrop diamond, a pear-shaped diamond is an elegant cut with a traditional brilliant cut. It can be worn with the tip down or up.

Ring with slit on shaft

With each passing day, the increasingly popular ring with the slit rod has a special feature: the parts of the strip reach the stone in the middle. If you are looking for models rings celebres de celebres décelés temps, you will find this unique design. The shape of the cut bar covers the center stone so beautifully that it exudes charm and is sure to attract attention.

Halo Ring

The ever popular Halo diamond ring will remain. It’s one of those ring ideas that never goes away and never changes. They are cut so that the stone catches light all the time to give your engagement ring a truly stunning shine.

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