In meinem Leben habe ich mehrere IT-Unternehmen gegründet, eines davon an die Börse geführt, mich an mehreren bereits gegründeten jungen Unternehmen beteiligt und auch Unternehmen gekauft und verkauft. Dabei habe ich viele Gründer kennengelernt und viele Gründungssituationen sowie deren Unte

8 Ways Average People Can Invest in Tech Startup Pre-IPO

Seasoned investors are on the lookout for upcoming tech startup pre-IPOs. And for good reason. The world’s top businesses with current market valuations above $1 trillion all have one thing in common: They’re all tech startups. Considering the ever-changing nature of technology and its strong

A Diamond Necklace Is Authentic

Diamonds are among the most precious gemstones in the world. Its rarity, exquisite design and magnetic aesthetics make it an attractive and sought after stone in the markets. As with everything that has high demand and limited supply, there are inevitably counterfeits and counterfeits. This is espec

Engagement Ring Trends For Women

At present, all the world is realizing that a recent is not yet approaching love. And this certainly can not prevent commitments. With the designers of increasingly creative and the futures of increasingly specific in their demands, the latest trends in engagement rings are worth noting. Your ring r